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From Farm to You: A Rich History from the beginnings to Today

Our farm estate has a rich history dating back to the first homesteaders on Orcas Island. Stories and lore from the farm boast how the apricots were too big to fit into a canning jar. Their strawberries consistently won prizes at the county fair and even some first prizes at the state fair. Apples and pears were shipped by boat, then train all along the West Coast and inland over the Cascades and Sierras. This farm had an orchard of hundreds of tall growing fruit trees. Rows of Gravenstein and King apples, Bartlett pears, Royal Anne cherries, Italian plums, peaches, and yes, apricots. These were the short lively years in San Juan County that boasted some of the best growing conditions for bountiful produce in the Pacific Northwest. By the 1920's, agriculture boomed in eastern Washington's heavily irrigated richer soils, longer and consistently warmer weather, and train serviced routes. Orcas Island farms could no longer remain competitive.

Many of our farm's historic apple and pear trees still stand at all most three stories tall. Most of these majestic trees are over 100 years old and are heirloom varieties that are no longer widely available or even grown. For those who walk quietly under their huge boughs, feelings of peace and awe are sure to overcome. Still, there are many other untold stories and secrets held on this land from the impossible to the unbelievable. For more history of the island be sure to visit the Orcas Island Historical Museum.