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Farm and Vacation Rentals on Orcas Island, Washington


Five handcrafted thoughtfully designed vacation spaces on this historic 35 acre Orcas Island farm of gorgeous pastures, timber, orchards, animal sanctuary, island views and spectacular sunsets.

Located on the west side of the island on the private and sunny south western slopes of Mt. Woolard. Just two miles from the ferry landing and only a 10 minute drive to Eastsound. An early island homestead, the farm has grown food and raised animals since the 1880’s. We’ve hosted vacation guests for over 20 years and were one of the first farms to offer agritourism activities and lodging on the island. Well into our third decade as a multi-generational family business and farm, it is a living collaborative creative endeavor, one with dreams and intentions, continually evolving.


Experience our handcrafted and curated suites designed and built right here by us on the farm. Many of the materials and fixtures are reclaimed and salvaged from the historic farm itself. In addition, we reclaim materials from projects we’ve worked at up and down the west coast. From spaces such as 1900’s auto garages in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood to mid-century machines shops as far away as Reseda, California. These materials bring a long and storied past back to life.

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Did you know that John Wayne used to go big game hunting on the privately owned Spieden Island in the San Juans?! We know you're busy and over extended, but have we got stories to tell! Have a look, join the fun, and keep in touch with us @thebluemoonfarm on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.


For current calendar and rates please email us directly at or check availability online. If you decide to book directly, there are no service charges.

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We’ve hosted vacation guests for over 20 years and we were on the forefront of agritourism activities and farm lodging on Orcas Island. In 2011 we were included in a USDA pilot program spearheaded by the Obama administration to promote outdoor activities like agritourism called America's Most Beautiful Farms. We were voted 2nd place nationally!! Well into our third decade as a multi-generational family business, it is a living collaborative creative endeavor, one with dreams and intentions, continually evolving with artistic passion and purpose.


We strive to be real and intentional. We've seen a lot come and go on the island and our family is still here hosting guests. When we first started this not everyone was even using the internet or email! We used to send 11x17 packets that must have weighed 12 lbs. each to every customer. You couldn't book instantly! People sent checks through USPS! There was a lodging hotline on the island for stranded travelers when the ferries were overloaded. Those days are gone and I'll be honest, we miss them. The speed and intensity of tourism has increased exponentially here on the island. We don't always want to keep up with dynamic websites, mobile friendly, apps, bootstrap, new operating systems and the constant change. We've noticed the expectations of travelers change too and while we don't want to stay stuck in the past some changes we don't believe in. This isn't Manhattan, San Francisco, or Seattle. That's probably why you're coming to the San Juans, so why would you want all the things from those Urban Islands on our Island? We just want to be ourselves and share what we have with you and hope you will feel the same. It's got to be the right match.

For more information on the San Juan Islands, please visit the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau.

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