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You can find our fruit and eggs in a few of the finest and award winning restaurants of Seattle such as Canlis, Stateside, Salare, and Renee Erickson's Sea Creatures group of restaurants. Closer to home, check out the Orcas Food-Coop, local restaurants and Farmer's Markets in the islands. Handspun alpaca and sheep fiber,fruit and eggs are also available directly from the farm. It's an experience to visit the farm and make the connection between the fruit and the exact tree on which it was grown or picking eggs from under a laying hen. Now that's knowing where your food came from!


Simply put, our eggs are phenomenal. We always sell out and never have enough to satisfy our customers and guests. We use very very little grain to supplement all the goodies our girls are digging and scratching at in the pastures. They have the run of the farm and get into EVERYTHING. We raise geese, ducks, chickens and the occasional turkey. If it's an egg... I can get it for you!

Call the farm at (360) 376-7035 or email for availability and to arrange a farm tour.

THE ORCHARDS on the farm were first planted in the late 1880's consisting of apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches, and apricots. Many of these 100+ year old trees are still producing fruit.

Once in a Blue Moon Farm started planting new fruit trees in 1997. Every year we continue to make additions and changes to the orchards, but are focusing on quince, figs, plums and pears. Our fruit is some of the finest fresh fruit you'll ever taste. We are willing to risk and experiment growing and testing varieties some consider not commercially viable. Our farm offers a palate of rare and unusual edibles from around the world. We can bring a dynamic taste and texture to any table. Please contact us for a complete list of varieties.