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Farm Tours



We offer educational and experiential tours of our farm, orchard and garden for all ages. Tours are by appointment only. Once in a Blue Moon Farm is a private working family farm and drop-ins and unguided tours can not be accommodated. Tours are individualized based on your interests and are never the same! Tours may include animal husbandry, horticulture, orchards, and sustainable design and land use, but it really comes down to just having fun! Soil releases serotonin. Follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM for farm updates..

To learn more about our farm tours or to schedule a tour, please call (360) 376 - 7035 or email us at


Check for seasonal availability of fruit, pasture ranged eggs, and produce on the farm. Our boutique and unique orchards have well over 20 varieties of fruit. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.