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It began with just eggs for the neighbors. We traded for fresh goat milk and cheese. Friends then came over to glean some extra fruit from the orchards and press apple cider. Soon the cellars and refrigerators were filled with produce, meats, fruits, and eggs. We've raised lamb, turkey, and broilers, but are taking a break from meats. The sheep offer wool and the alpaca provide fiber for spinning. Currently the main focus is on our orchards. A tree is a gift for the generations, creating a landscape of time. Its not all about the future though. The fruit is really tasty..... and the trees look great too!!

You can find our farm products in local restaurants and in the kitchens of our friends and neighbors. Handspun alpaca and sheep fiber, fruit and eggs are also available directly from the farm. It's an experience to visit the farm and make the connection between the fruit and the exact tree on which it was grown or picking eggs from under a laying hen. Now that's knowing where your food came from!

Fresh Eggs


Simply put, our eggs are phenomenal. We always sell out and never have enough to satisfy our customers and guests. We use very very little grain to supplement all the goodies our girls are digging and scratching at in the pastures. They have the run of the farm and get into EVERYTHING.

Sorry, but we do not use heat lamps in the winter so our eggs are unavailable for purchase. The girls take a winter vacation from November until Spring gets going. They are the only ones on the farm punching a time clock.

Stop by the farm or email for availability.

Fresh Fruit

THE ORCHARDS were first planted in the late 1880's by the Boede family. Their fruit was shipped by boat from West Sound, then train all along the West Coast and inland over the Cascades and Sierras. Rows of apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches, and yes, apricots. Many of our farm's historic apple and pear trees still stand and produce fruit. Some of these majestic trees are over 100 years old!

Once in a Blue Moon Farm planted its first orchard in 2003. Every year we continue to make additions and changes to our orchards. Our fruit is some of the finest fresh fruit you'll ever taste. We are willing to risk and experiment growing and testing varieties some consider not commercially viable. Our farm offers a palate of rare and unusual edibles from around the world. We can bring a dynamic taste and texture to any table. Please contact us for a complete list of varieties.

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